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For years, I have been thirstily browsing through Xhileration products.  My eye goes right for them.  It may sound silly, but the colors, the lace, the ruffles: they bring me back to my 16-year-old self, when I was the definition of “girlie”.  Since those days, I haven’t put nearly the same attention into frills.  My fashion sense has changed ever so slightly, but I have to say, I reverted back to those carefree days for a brief moment this week.

It’s summer in SoCal, and as my friend put it: everyone in L.A. has cool sunglasses.  My sunglasses had been wearing down, and I was on the hunt for something stunning.  Rather than go for my usual vintage optique, I perused Xhileration’s seasonal styles.  Much to my satisfaction, I stumbled upon beauties that would make my 16-year-old self squeal in delight.  They have tie-dye rainbow frames and blue mirror lenses.  When Red Riding Hood asks why I have such cool glasses, I reasonably respond: the better to see yourself with, my dear.  If only the wolf would have been so kind.  These sunglasses take me everywhere now.  We swim at the beach, shop flea markets, do outdoor yoga, and munch on farmer’s market goodies together.  It may not seem like much to have a great pair of sunglasses, but News Flash: Summer is on its way out, and although we Angelenos will see a lot more of Mr. Sunshine, those of you in other lands are going to have to get on this bandwagon, and fast!  Good luck out there!   

Happy End of Summer!

P.S. BK Vintageware is having an End of Summer Sale through August.  Check it out here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/bkvintageware