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For years, I have been thirstily browsing through Xhileration products.  My eye goes right for them.  It may sound silly, but the colors, the lace, the ruffles: they bring me back to my 16-year-old self, when I was the definition of “girlie”.  Since those days, I haven’t put nearly the same attention into frills.  My fashion sense has changed ever so slightly, but I have to say, I reverted back to those carefree days for a brief moment this week.

It’s summer in SoCal, and as my friend put it: everyone in L.A. has cool sunglasses.  My sunglasses had been wearing down, and I was on the hunt for something stunning.  Rather than go for my usual vintage optique, I perused Xhileration’s seasonal styles.  Much to my satisfaction, I stumbled upon beauties that would make my 16-year-old self squeal in delight.  They have tie-dye rainbow frames and blue mirror lenses.  When Red Riding Hood asks why I have such cool glasses, I reasonably respond: the better to see yourself with, my dear.  If only the wolf would have been so kind.  These sunglasses take me everywhere now.  We swim at the beach, shop flea markets, do outdoor yoga, and munch on farmer’s market goodies together.  It may not seem like much to have a great pair of sunglasses, but News Flash: Summer is on its way out, and although we Angelenos will see a lot more of Mr. Sunshine, those of you in other lands are going to have to get on this bandwagon, and fast!  Good luck out there!   

Happy End of Summer!

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Cheers to Summer


Cheers to Summer

The summer is coming in hot! Welcome the warmth with a bottle of whatever relaxes you into its embrace. A breezy walk through the aisles of your favorite vintage theme park doesn’t hurt. Take a taste of this summer’s spicy line of partywear at BK Vintageware.

Look Ma!


Looks like we made it to the big league.  They named a peanut butter after us!  There’s this great coffee shop on Rowena Dr. near Hyperion Ave. in Silverlake called Broome Street General Store.  They have great coffee, cool wares, and a patio you can soak all this in from.  Not to meantion, they feature us in the form of honey flavored peanut butter.  Yum!

Music and Fresh Produce

You can’t beat a Thursday night in LA.  It seems like such an unassuming day.  The week isn’t yet over; it’s not the weekend; it’s still the middle of the week.  It’s probably for this reason that Beverly Hills and Hollywood took control.  They gave us something to go out and enjoy.

Event 1: Beverly Canon Gardens is a beautiful, grassy courtyard between two hotels, where there were chairs set up and blankets strewn about with dining delicacies.  They host a Thursday night concert series.  This week they featured Dustbowl Revival, a roots, jazz, upbeat, gypsy, old-timey group of 8 wonderful musicians.  They got everyone moving in their seats and singing along.  Check them out at:

Event 2: Thursday’s from 5-9, there’s a delightful little farmers’ market in Hollywood.  It’s up by Yamashiro restaurant, so there’s a spectacular view of LA in all its glory.  We got there near 8:30, so it was dark and the town was lit up.  It was beautiful.  As for the market itself, there was a band performing Tom Petty, which is always pleasant to walk in to, delectable produce stands, numerous other stands with treats from homemade cobblers to s’mores and coffee, and food trucks, including a taco/beer truck that looked rather popular, an ice cream truck, and a sandwich shop.  There are places to stand at a table and drink a cold beverage, and tables to sit at outside under the stars.  It’s a great time.

Happy Weekend!



Men’s Line

Had quite a time getting around to a men’s line.  Women’s clothes are just so much more abundant, but never fear, there are men’s clothes to be found and we are now on the prowl.  A great collector decided to help us out.  He’s a fan of the vintageware that has a story, so we sat in and listened.  He told us about the stains on his personal pieces, from a grease stain working on a 1956 Ford Mustang to a blood stain from a 1958 brawl.  We purchased a 50’s Boy Scout coat, a 40’s police officer overcoat (complete with holes for badge), a fur-dudded long coat that can go for the petite man or a woman.  We started this men’s line with a bang!  Check it out at:

Vintage for Sale

Bee’s Knees Vintage is ready to buzz through the ether and catch the eye of all those fashionistas out there.  Our pretty duds can be found here:

Please follow our blog!  It will be filled with shopping adventure stories, artistic endeavors, and hot-of-the-rack vintage clothing photos.

We typically cater to a casual lifestyle, filled with pretty florals and comfortable cuts.  However, do not be deceived, there are definitely some sexy items for those nights when you’ve just got to paint the town red!  There’s even a sophisticated men’s line is on its way.  Get ready to have some vintage ventures at Bee’s Knees Vintage on Etsy!

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